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How to apply

The process for applying for the scholarship begins each September when information letters and applications are mailed to all high school principals in Indiana.  Each high school is asked to nominate two students - one male and one female. Read more

The Fund for Hoosier Excellence (FHE) was founded in 1983 by U.S. Senator Richard G. Lugar to build an appreciation for academic excellence among minority students, encourage the best and brightest to attend institutions of higher education in Indiana, and to foster their choice of Indiana for careers which will add vigor and breadth to our economy and culture.

The FHE recognizes outstanding achievements of young people at a crucial point in their lives and makes them a part of an esteemed group. Senator Lugar, the alumni and the Board of Directors advocate for the student's success in addition to the financial scholarship they are awarded. In return, they are asked to attend an Indiana college or university, earn a quality education, and use it to provide leadership and mentoring to their communities and the next generation. Lugar Scholars have gone on to excel in a variety of fields and continue to give back to the organization through the alumni network and Board participation.

The FHE has awarded annual scholarships each year since its founding in 1983. This year, it will award ten scholarships to outstanding minority students: two $20,000 scholarships to one boy and one girl and eight $4,000 scholarships. Over the years, the FHE has awarded more than $1.5 million to more than 230 students.

The FHE is grateful to have a diversified support system that includes individuals, companies, foundations, and universities.

Each year the new Lugar Scholars are recognized and awarded their scholarships at the FHE’s annual banquet, hosted by Senator Lugar. This annual event brings together the families of the winning scholars, former Lugar Scholars, Board Members, and sponsors. It is a unique evening where tomorrow's community leaders are recognized and encouraged.

FHE Board of Directors

Mrs. Lelia Powell Smith, President
Indianapolis, Indiana
Mr. William T. Ray, President Emeritus
Indianapolis, Indiana
Mr. Thomas C. Black, Vice President
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Mr. Gregory L. Pemberton, Treasurer
Westfield, Indiana
Mrs. Anne Agosto Severa, Secretary
East Chicago, Indiana
Mrs. DeAnne Powers Harris*
Chair, Banquet Committee
Indianapolis, Indiana
Ms. Michelle Gutierrez Sample*
Chair, Selection Committee
Dayton, Tennessee
Ms. Diana Thompson Caldwell*
Indianapolis, Indiana
Dr. Meredith Carter
Carmel, Indiana
Mr. Roy Griffin, III*
Carmel, Indiana
Dr. Linda C. Gugin
Evansville, Indiana
Mr. John Hall
Indianapolis, Indiana
Mr. Kirk Hoult
Indianapolis, Indiana
Mr. Milton J. Keys*
Indianapolis, Indiana
Mr. Richard Leverett*
Gary, Indiana
Mr. Joseph Matthews IV*
Saint Joseph, Michigan
Ms. Richelle Medellin*
Chicago, Illinois
Ms. Carmen Hansen Rivera
Indianapolis, Indiana
Dr. Andre Schuler*
Zionsville, Indiana
Judge Gregory Kellam Scott
Anderson, Indiana
Mr. Quentin P. Smith
Gary, Indiana
Mr. John Verduzco*
Naples, Florida
Mr. Timothy Wright
Indianapolis, Indiana
* denotes a Lugar Scholar
Eileen Pritchard, Executive Director

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